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A few ideas for home science education projects...

Science Projects For Kids

A collection of educational activities you can do inexpensively at home or in a small classroom.

This blog is a loose collection of some project ideas that I tried with my students during my years as a science teacher. They were intended to be simple but educational projects, mostly using cheap supplies from your kitchen, or home office, or garage. Most of these posts were originally published between 2010-2012 on my Wordpress blog, which then languished for many years. This website represents an upgrade and a migration of that blog content to my own independent website.

This remains an informal and seldom-updated collection of random ideas, while most of my effort for 2020 is being spent on a separate, somewhat more formal, website devoted entirely to astronomy: Astronomy For Thinkers.

The content of both sites is aimed primarily at science educators who may be interested in helpful material, and parents who may be interested in educational projects that they can do inexpensively at home with their children. If you are interested in my philosophy of science education, the banner above might give you an idea that I'm a big fan of careful observation, and careful naming of interesting things. (That's the view from the school where I used to teach.) I discuss my philosophy in a little more detail in the About page, and in the first article, on my astronomy website.